We provide advanced training services to the companies in the field of multimodal carriage.

In addition to the advanced specialization training we provide general awareness training in dangerous goods transportation.

CARGO SECURING training services; during transport, all cargo items should be prevented from sliding, tipping, rolling, wandering or substantial deformation and rotation in any direction by methods such as locking, blocking, lash­ing or combinations of these methods. This is to protect the people involved in loading, unloading and driving the vehicle, together with other road users, pedestrians, the load itself and the vehicle. Cargo must be placed on the vehicle so that it can neither endanger persons nor goods and cannot move on or off the vehicle.

Cargo securing is a vital application for logistic companies, shippers, lashing companies, loaders, packers, carriers, consignors. Our intense trainings acc. to EN 12195, CTU Code, CSS Code will match the needs of the relevant bodies.


We provide CONSULTANCY services for preparation of route maps for ADR, IMDG Code, RID applications for the companies. Assessment of the plants regarding the multimodal rules and codes, and advanced dangerous goods safety advisory services.

We offer design and consultancy services for seperation, segregation and fire safety of dangerous goods storage areas, warehouses, containers in ports acc. to NFPA 30 and related rules and codes.

Evaluation of lashing services and calculations cargo securing applications in road, railway and sea tranportation to assist insurance companies, logistic companies, consignors and consignees to be able to secure the cargo right in accordance with CSS code, CTU code and EN 12195 standard.

Accreditation services

We provide CONSULTANCY and TRAINING services for the companies that require to be accredited by Türkak(Turkish Accreditation Agency) in the field of ISO/IEC 17020 standard.

In addition to this we evaluate the inspection systems and methods of accredited inspection bodies to draw up gap analysis and strenghten the system and make the technical person competent in their fields.